Lincat WMB3F/B Water Boiler FilterFlow Wall Mounted Boiler (Black Glass)

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Lincat WMB3F/B Water Boiler FilterFlow Wall Mounted Boiler (Black Glass)

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  • SKU: WBO014
  • Manufacturers Product Code: WMB3F/B
  • Manufacturer: Lincat
Product Description

The Lincat WMB3F/B Water Boiler is a particular model from the FilterFlow Wall Mounted Boiler range. This model is the Black Glass which looks very sophisticated and stylish for the front of the house in catering kitchens, hotels, B&B, hostels and coffee houses.

The Benefits Of A Wall Mounted Water Dispenser

The wall mounted feature is a very popular model, as most smaller businesses may have additional counter space. By giving the user the ability to attach the boiler to the wall frees up countertop space for other products to sell. When is a wall mounted water boiler needed in a business? Every business is different? It all depends on the requirements of your business. Having the convenience of pouring boiling water instantly 24/7 from a tap dispenser is extremely beneficial.

Constant Stream Of Hot Water

By using a mains fed water dispenser like wall mounted WMB3F/B Water Boiler your company will have a constant stream of hot water for your business.

With an automatic wall mounted boiler like the Lincat WMB3F/B removes the time wasted waiting for the kettle to boil. Most kettles state their ecological benefits, but most of these benefits are related to home use only, not busy commercial premises like hotels and catering kitchens.

The Lincat WMB3F/B water boiler is equipped with eco-intelligent features which give the boiler the ability to learn your water usage. This predictive feature allows the machine to adjust water volume, and the ECO setting reduces the volume of boiling water by 50% during off-peak hours in your business.

WMB3F/B Warranty

Warranty Lincat WMB3FB Water Boiler FilterFlow Wall Mounted Boiler

By having a clean and efficient water dispenser like WMB3F/B you get significant cost savings from your reduction of energy used compared to traditional manual boilers and kettles.

Most kettles and lower quality countertop dispensers may contain elements which are prone to limescale issues. This is commonly seen in hard water areas of the UK. The Lincat WMB3F/B water dispenser has a filtration system which prevents limescale build up. The easy to screw filter cartridges makes simple to maintain. These capsules don’t cost a lot and are easily sourced here at MillersUK.

Display WMB3F/B

filtration system {filter flow}

The sophisticated filtration system {filter flow} allows the machine to clean the water from impurities. Certain parts of the UK are prone to chlorine issues. This can leave the water with a nasty taste and a bad odor. The filter manages to clean the water from the chlorine and give the waster a fresher smell and taste.

One of the most notable features of this wall mounted boiler is their safety. Using a kettle in a busy environment can carry risk. Difficult pouring may cause employees or self-serving customers to burn their hands.

The Lincat WMB3F/B has an attached tap which makes it very simple and safe for users to obtain a constant stream of boiling water without worry of refilling the machine or pour piping hot water.


The price of this machine is £590 RRP but here at MillerUK for £374.50. Need help choosing the right water dispenser for your business.**

  • External height (mm) 415
  • External width (mm) 300
  • External depth (mm) 185
  • Output per hour (litres) 31
  • Rapid Draw-off (litres) 3.5
  • Recovery per minute (litres) 0.52
  • Net weight (unpacked) kg 8.5
  • Gross weight (packed) kg 11
  • Shipping volume (m3 ) 0.19
  • Water inlet connection ¾” BSP male
  • Water inlet pressure (bar) 1 to 8
  • Total power rating (kW) 3 Standby power consumption (kW) 0.6
  • Electrical supply 1N~+E 230V 50-60Hz Current Rating (A) 13 Electrical supply 3N~+E 400V 50-60Hz Current Rating (A) N/A

  • Unique built-in filtration system - convenient and cost-effective
  • Sleek design with black glass finish

  • Compact - ideal for siting over draining boards or sinks
  • Flush wall-mounted design - no unsightly support brackets

  • Adjustable temperature between 70° and 96° - perfect for specialty teas
  • Cool-to-touch 8mm thick toughened glass fascia to withstand hard knocks

  • Reliable electronic temperature control system ensures economical operation
  • Advanced diagnostics with LCD panel showing boiler status

  • The integral filter reduces scale build-up, reducing energy and service costs
  • Easy access for maintenance and descaling.