Suppliers of Commercial Laundry & Catering Equipment.

5-7kg Capacity Machines

Commercial Washing Machines

Miele 5.5kg Washer PW6055

Miele Profitronic L 5.5 kg (Drain Pump) Washing Machine. The unique style of the honeycomb type structure for a much softer fabric care which makes a slight layer of water…

Miele 6.5Kg Washer PW 6065

Miele 6.5Kg Washer PW 6065 (Drain Pump and Dump Valve options) Washing Machine White and Stainless Steel. Economical and efficient: Miele Professional commercial laundry machines…

Miele 6.5kg Washer PW6065

Miele Little Giant 6.5kg Washer

The Miele 6.5kg Washer PW 6065 is a product which is a part of Miele Little Giants range. Known for…

Miele PW 5064 Mopstar 60

The highly efficient Miele PW 5064 mop washer has been specifically designed for contract cleaners.

Contract cleaning in hospitals and nursing homes is a demanding…

Commercial Tumble Dryers

Miele 6.5kg PT 5135C Dryer

Miele 6.5Kg dryer in white.

Miele 6.5Kg PT 5137WP Heat Pump Dryer

This efficient and robust Little Giant saves space and energy - with heat-pump technology it delivers high-performance tumble drying on the smallest of footprints, combined with a potential saving of…

Miele 6.5kg PT 7135C Condenser Dryer

Miele 6.5kg PT 7135C Condenser Dryer. - Available in White or Stainless Steel

  • Load ratio: 6.5 kg
  • Drum volume: 130L

Miele 6.5kg PT 7136 Vented Dryer

Miele 6.5kg PT 7136 Vented Dryer available in 13A or 25A with a choice of white or stainless stele finishes.

Miele 6.5Kg PT 7137WP Heat pump dryer

The PT7137WP is a Little Giant dryer with an integrated heat-pump module. The cooling and dehumidifying air releases engergy which is captured and used to pre-heat cold, dry air, reducing…