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  • Stain Removal Tips.

    At this festive time of the year and the party season in full swing the opportunities to pick up stubborn stains on your clothing or other textiles are plenty. Whether it be food on a shirt front, or spilt red wine on white table linen, we have a tip to remove it…

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  • Reduce the Carbon Footprint of your Commercial Laundry.

    In the modern world of environmental awareness and corporate social responsibility it is worth giving consideration to your carbon footprint. If your business operations include the use of laundry equipment it is likely that this activity is a key contributor to CO2 emissions and hence your carbon footprint. Apart from the warm glow that you will get from knowing that you have done your bit for the environment cutting down your carbon footprint will cut down your energy consumption which will be financially beneficial in a climate of ever increasing energy prices…

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  • Detergents.

    Millers UK Ltd Detergents : Find out more about our range of detergents suitable for many different applications, and our Dosing Systems for efficient chemical delivery.…

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  • Millers UK Ltd Newsletter.

    Millers UK Ltd Newsletter: Get ready for the hot weather, commercial kitchen in nursing home and bedpan detergents.…

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