Lincat EB3FX/HC - FilterFlow Combined Water Boiler & Chiller

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Lincat EB3FX/HC - FilterFlow Combined Water Boiler & Chiller

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  • SKU: WBO011
  • Manufacturers Product Code: EB3FX/HC
  • Manufacturer: Lincat
Product Description

The Lincat EB3FX/HC is a combined water chiller and boiler. This boiler removes the need for kettles and or separate boilers and water chillers. Providing the user with great tasting water both from the hot and chilled tap dispensers.

This particular model is a very popular twin temperature appliance. It saves the user space, time and keeps employee productivity to a high standard. Narrow 250mm footprint saves valuable counter space without compromising capacity or performance

Lincat has upgraded their water boilers with new technology and with sophisticated features to meet the needs of commercial industries. Built with twin tanks, which can be individually adjusted to keep the water temp between 70-98°C.

Lincat EB3FX/HC - FilterFlow Combined Water Boiler & Chiller

This appliance is especially popular with the catering and hospitality industry. The Lincat EB3FX/HC provides both chilled and piping hot water from the one unit 24 hours a day if needed.

Benefits of the Lincat EB3FX/HC - FilterFlow Combined Water Boiler & Chiller

Most businesses like the catering industry don’t have the time or manpower, wait for manual kettles or manual boilers. In order for busy industries like the catering, industry time is everything.

Staff productivity tends to be low when the equipment they are using is slow, unreliable or unable to cope with demand. In order for your business to get maximum efficiency from your staff, it’s paramount that you give them the necessary machines to get the job done in a timely manner.

Features of the water boiler

Lincat also equipped this commercial water boiler with the easy to change filter flow cartridges, which makes it quick and convenient service.

You get this flexibility with the Lincat EB3FX/HC water boiler and chiller.

• Eco setting reduces the volume of boiling water by 50% for quieter periods • The intelligent predictive eco setting learns usage patterns and switches between eco mode and standard mode to deliver the required hot water output in the most economical way • 7-day timer allows the boiler to be programmed to switch off overnight or at weekends to conserve energy

One of the most notable features of this Lincat is that the machine the LCD monitor providing the user with quick easy programming and diagnostics.

Lincat EB3FXHC - FilterFlow Combined Water Boiler & Chiller Interface

- Filtered chilled and hot water on tap 24 hours a day

  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Cups Per Hour 140
  • Output Twin Tap
  • Filtration - Yes
  • Output Per Hour - 28 ltr
  • Immediate Draw Off 5 ltr


  • Height To Tap 250mm
  • Packaged Width 350mm
  • Packaged Height 700mm

  • Built-in water filtration system
  • High volume, easy change FilterFlow cartridge
  • Large, color touchscreen display
  • Narrow 250mm footprint
  • Adjustable hot water temperature – from 70°C – 98°C
  • Self-descale programme to reduce the build-up of scale
  • Enhanced diagnostics

- Unique built-in water filtration system improves water quality and reduces scale build-up

  • High-quality boiling water on tap 24 hours a day Low cost, easy-fit replacement filter cartridges
  • Advanced diagnostics with LCD panel showing operational status
  • The reliable electronic temperature control system Lower energy and maintenance costs
  • Adjustable water temperature - ideal for all types of beverage Output per hour

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