Lincat EB4FX Water Boiler - Automatic Filterflow

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Lincat EB4FX Water Boiler - Automatic Filterflow

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  • SKU: WBO001
  • Manufacturers Product Code: EB4FX
  • Manufacturer: Lincat
Product Description

The Lincat EB4FX FilterFlow Water Boiler is one many popular water boilers. Lincat designed the machine for intensive use in commercial industries. Premises like that of restaurants, coffee houses, care homes, and hospitals.

Water Boiler Features

This particular machine can provide a very high 45 liters output per hour. The Fliterflow boiler has a narrow footprint {only 250mm}, which give you more ergonomic benefits by saving valuable kitchen space. Since 2008 Lincat Filterflow boilers have been very popular due to their built-in infiltration cartridges.

Lincat EB4FX Water Boiler - Filterflow Automatic Warranty

The easy to change filters ensures that the water tastes good, looks and odorless. By having this advanced filtration system built into this commercial water boiler, this helps the machine reduce limescale. Which in turn reduces downtime, service costs and lower energy used.

Lincat has modernized the EB4FX water boilers with new and improved features, without comprising their simplicity. Ease of use and simple to operate machines. The new and improved filtration system provides the best tasting water both cold and hot water 24 hours a day.

Using it’s brand new LCD touch screen which provides the user with useful information on the status of the machine through the day. This information includes the temperature, when the filter needs changing or when the machines need descaling.

Automatic Filterflow EB4FX Water Boiler Interface

Lincat  EB4FX Water Boiler interface

The menu display provides a quick and easy navigation for the user to set a timer. This simple to adjust timer allows the user to shut the boiler down or to be on standby when the machine is needed.

One feature that customers particularly like is its step by step instructions on how to service the boiler.

With most commercial companies worried about rising electrical costs and their carbon footprint, the EB4FX water boilers now operate on an ECO setting which reduces the volume of boiling water to 50%.

Benefits of The EB4FX Water Boiler

Packed with intelligent parameters which help the machine to learn new ECO settings based on usage patterns of the water volume.

It should be noted that its advised that get a professional to install the machines, especially in hard water areas. As the boiler needs to be connected to the water mains, which comes equipped with a plastic pipe which is easily connected to the water mains of your premises.

Automatic-fill water boilers, including the unique ‘FilterFlow’ range with built-in filtration. The ability to make tea, coffee and other beverages quickly, efficiently and economically is essential in all catering establishments, large and small

Tap into boiling hot water 24 hours a day with Lincat FilterFlow range of automatic water boilers which feature unique built-in water filtration and advanced onboard diagnostics

- Unique built-in water filtration system improves water quality and reduces scale build-up

  • High-quality boiling water on tap 24 hours a day
  • Low cost, easy-fit replacement filter cartridges
  • Advanced diagnostics with LCD panel showing operational status
  • A reliable electronic temperature control system
  • Lower energy and maintenance costs
  • Adjustable water temperature - ideal for all types of beverage
Water Boiler and Chiller Features
  • The precise electronic temperature control system
  • Adjustable water temperature - from 70°C - 98°C
  • Large, color touchscreen display
  • 7-day programmable timer to conserve energy
  • Insulated tank for minimal heat loss and energy conservation
  • Built-in water filtration system improves water quality and
  • reduces scale build-up
  • High volume, easy change FilterFlow cartridge - removes sediment and impurities such as chlorine and reduces limescale build-up
  • Screw cap and indicator probe to help you monitor limescale build up.
Descaling process
  • with step-by-step instructions provided on screen
  • Enhanced multi-level diagnostics
  • Designed for connection to a potable cold water supply
  • Water and power supplies can be fed from the underside so no wires or pipes are visible

**An engineer may still be required in hard water areas. Cleaning and Servicing

  • Easy clean stainless steel external finish and smooth black Trim

  • Easy clean removable drip tray
  • Easy change filter cartridge
  • Screw cap and indicator probe to monitor limescale build up Easy descale process

  • Enhanced diagnostics, the on-screen diagnostic information will enable the engineer to identify the parts needed and repair your water boiler at first visit
Overall Construction
  • Long life Incoloy element
  • Mirror finish stainless steel
  • Smooth ABS/PC trim
  • Stainless steel water tank
  • Inclusive Accessories
  • Removable drip tray
  • Water feed hose (1.6m)
Output per hour

- 45 litres (79 pints, 300 cups)

Rapid draw off
  • 9 litres(16 pints,60 cups)
  • H652xW290xD465mm
  • 4.5kw
  • 15w
  • Wall mounting kits
  • Replacement filter cartridges
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