Miele 16-20kg PT 8407 Dryer

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Miele 16-20kg PT 8407 Dryer

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Key Details

  • SKU: DRY007
  • Manufacturers Product Code: PT 8407
  • Manufacturer: Miele
Product Description

Miele 16-20kg PT 8407 Dryer with Profitronic M Controls available in Gas, Steam or Electric heating options.

Performance Features
  • Load capacity [kg]: 16-20
  • Load ratio of 1:25 - 1:20
  • Drum volume: 400 l
  • Water evaporation [1/h] 20.6
  • Based on a residual moisture level reduction from 70% down to 0%
  • Freely programmable Profitronic M electronic controls with large graphic display, 12 standard textile specific programmes, 6 programme packages for specific target groups and 199 programme places for saving your own programmes to.
  • Clear text display with user navigation and simple programme selection using Multi-function selector or 6 direct access keys for selecting your favourite programmes. Chip card reader, data capture module.
  • Programmable settings in supervisor level and individual programmes can be written. Certain parameters such as residual moisture level and temperature can be easily changed before starting a programme.
  • Standard programmes: Cottons extra dry, Cottons normal, Cottons 20% moist, Cottons 25% moist, Cottons 40% moist, Mininum iron normal, Minimum iron 10% moist, Minimum iron 20% moist, Woollens, Delicates, Timed drying cool air, Timed drying warm air, Proofing and Outerwear.
  • Target group programme packages: Bedding programme package for down duvets, synthetic duvets and natural fibre blankets
  • Buildings maintenance programme package for mop heads, microfibre pads and cleaning cloths
  • Fire service programme package for breathing masks, protective clothing and proofing protective clothing
  • Professional cleaners programme package for WetCare sensitive, WetCare silks and WetCare intensive
  • Equestrian programme package for horse blankets and woollen horse blankets
  • Professional for the home programme package for a variety of household applications.
  • Gas, steam or Electric options.
Electrical Connection
  • 1N AC 220-240V 50Hz
  • Fuse rating: 1x10a
  • Connected load: 1.3kW
  • Heater rating : 21.5kW (convertible to 18 or 13.5)
Drying System
  • Vented tumble dryer with recirculation system
  • Axial airflow: axial airflow through the dryer ensures optimum use of energy, quick drying times and perfect results
  • Patented honeycomb drum: the patented Miele honeycomb drum with its unique surface structure guarantees perfect laundry care
  • Air recycling plus: in addition to reusing approx. 60% of the warm air from the drying cycle, the Air recycling plus system ensures that pressure levels in the dryer are always correct, thus improving drying results even further.
  • Final cool down period can be set
  • Electronic moisture monitoring with Miele’s patented Perfect Dry system.
  • Large, intelligently placed Softlift drum ribs ensure optimum laundry tumble and thus excellent drying results.
  • Central fresh air intake
  • Large surface area fluff filter
  • Operating data capture
Consumption Data
  • Cottons dry (Gas): 0.3kWh EL, 8.4kWh Gas; 26 min. [50% down to 0% residual moisture, incl. cooling down to 50°, load capacity: 16 kg]
  • Cottons dry (Gas): 0.4kWh EL, 10.2kWh Gas; 31 min. [50% down to 0% residual moisture, incl. cooling down to 50°, load capacity: 20 kg]
  • Specific energy consumption [kWh/kg water]: 1.08 Load capacity: 16 kg
  • Specific energy consumption [kWh/kg water]: 1.04 Load capacity: 20 kg
  • Standard: Optical interface
  • Standard: Connection for external stop signal, fan and external exhaust flap
  • Standard: Connection for peak-load cut-out
  • Optional: Connection for payment system
  • Optional: Communication module with serial interface RS232
  • External casing powder coated in octo blue, zinc plated back panel
  • Large door opening of 520 mm
  • Door opening angle 180°
  • Reversible door hinging
  • External dimensions: H1400xW906xD1148mm
  • Net weight: 189kg
Sound Emissions
  • Sound power level 72.8 db(A) in accordance with ISO 9614 Part 2
Test marks
  • VDE
  • CE
  • Spray test IPx4
  • WEEE (disposal)
Optional Accessories
  • Key chipcard
  • Memory chip card
  • Single machine payment systems
  • Noise insulation
  • Face mask holder
  • Bags for buckles
  • Laundry tubs / baskets
  • Transport trolleys
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