Combi Oven - Rational 61 Self Cooking Centre

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Combi Oven - Rational 61 Self Cooking Centre

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  • SKU: OVE001
  • Manufacturers Product Code: Rational 61
  • Manufacturer: Rational
Product Description

The advancements in technology within the catering industry are revolutionising the way people do things. An appliance that is transforming how we do things in the kitchen is the Rational 61 SelfCookingCenter.

With this appliance, you can prepare your grilled, roast, baked, steamed, stewed, blanched food all altogether whether you are serving ten people or two thousand guests.

Rational 61 SelfCookingCenter ovens have specific attributes that make them a desirable component in modern kitchens.

iCooking Control

iCookingControl represents the first unique feature that comes with this appliance. This feature captures your preferences and cooking routines and regulates its controls to be consistent with your requirements.

Consequently, there is no need to keep monitoring your food as it cooks. Instead, you can rest assured that everything will turn out as you anticipated it.

i cooking control

This feature also uses sensors to determine the magnitude and condition of your ingredients as well as the load sizes and regulates its path automatically to ensure that your expected outcome is attained.

With the help of a monitor, the device makes you aware of each adjustment. The benefits of the iCookingControl features include high-quality cooking outcomes with minimal monitoring, preparation of healthy meals with up to 95 per cent less grease, easy to use, as well as the reduction of raw materials utilisation by 10 per cent.

Rational 61 SelfCookingCenter’s iLevelControl

Rational 61 SelfCookingCenter’s iLevelControl feature gives you a variety of cooking appliances such as pots, pans, grills, roasting platters, and fryers that are compressed into less than one square meter. What this means is that you can prepare different cuisines at the same time using one appliance.


Furthermore, this feature notifies you about the type of dishes you can prepare together. All you need to do is specify the desired meal and iLevelControl will observe each rank distinctively. Once a meal on a specific rack is ready, it will alert you with a corresponding message on display.

The benefits of this feature include optimised flexibility, preparation of high-quality food, up to 70 per cent energy savings, as well as ease of use.


HiDensityControl is responsible for uniform and intense heat, air, and moisture circulation inside the cooking cabinet.

This is achieved using sensors that perceive and establish the prevailing conditions every second to ensure that energy levels are maximised in line with the requirements of the dish being prepared.

self cooking center

The advantages of this feature include unmatched homogeneity from the first to the last rack; conventional grill marks even on large portions, reduced pre-heating periods, preparation of crisp and crunchy breading, as well as the elimination of dried out meals.

Care Control

The final feature of the Rational 61 SelfCookingCenter ovens is the Efficient CareControl, which automatically cleans and descales your appliance. This function can be done without supervision as the machine will determine the most effective cleaning level and propose the best amount of cleaner and descaler to you.

Care Control

The advantages connected to this feature include reduced descaling and water softening expenses, adequate oven cleanliness, and maintenance, minimal overhead expense and workload, as well as guaranteed safety due to reliance on solid cleaning materials.

Combi Oven - Rational 61 Self Cooking Centre


  • 9 SelfCooking Control- Modes and 3 Combi-Steamer-Modes
  • CareControl- automatic cleaning and care system
  • Core temperature probe with 6 point measurement
  • Level control- rack monitoring with times individually programmed for each rack
  • Hand shower with automatic retracting system
  • At least 350 programs with up to 12 steps freely selectable
  • USB Interface
Self Cooking Control Modes
  • Roasts
  • Fish
  • Egg dishes/ desserts
  • Pan Fries
  • Side Dishes
  • Baked Dishes
  • Poultry
  • Potato Products
  • Finishing
Combi-Steamer Modes
  • Moist heat 30 to 130 degrees celsius
  • Dry heat 30 to 300 degrees celsius
  • Combination of moist heat and dry heat 30 to 300 degrees celsius
  • 6 x 1/1 GN/ 12 x 1/2 GN
  • 847W x 771D x 757H (mm)
  • 12 months parts and labour warranty
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