PM 1210 Miele Flatwork Ironer

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PM 1210 Miele Flatwork Ironer

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  • SKU: RIR003
  • Manufacturers Product Code: PW 6321
  • Manufacturer: Miele
Product Description

The PM1210 flatwork ironer

has been designed to provide operators with the most helpful set of controls, as well as giving businesses the capability to achieve a high output of pressed laundry. This ironer is all about delivering the perfect finish through clever design features and its ergonomic approach. Based on a residual heat of 15%, the PM1210 ironer can deliver 24kg/h. These results are possible thanks to a choice of temperature and speed controls, all of which are selectable from the touch screen, something which is exclusive to Miele. Operators can make use of the unique temperature control feature which allows increments of 1°C, compared to industry standards of 5°C or 10°C. This means that items can be ironed at the best possible temperature within one of three ranges: 100 -110°C, 111 -150°C, and 151 -185°C. When put into standby mode, the roller stops and trough disengages. Heating remains active initially then, as a safety feature, after a period of 10 minutes, the temperature is automatically reduced to the lowest available temperature of 60°C. The PM1210 has three speed controls to allow operators to fine tune the output of the ironer to their requirements; it can run at 1.5 - 2.2 metres/minute, 2.3 – 3.2 metres/minute, and 3.3 – 4.0 metres/minute. These controls can form part of the ‘favourite’ programme which allows the operator to save the specific functions for the most frequently used settings, whether for napkins or bed linen. One operator can control the PM1210 due to the return feed functionality, and they can work either seated or standing up. This is made possible with the adjustable working heights and the optional plinth that increases the height by 100mm. This model also has an airing bar, which can be used by operators to hang linen ready for folding without the risk of creasing.

  • Airing bar to hang laundry to minimise creasing
  • 24 kg/h laundry throughput at 15% residual moisture
  • Operators can save most common ironing settings as a favourite for simple set-up
  • Three speed and temperature range settings
  • Adjustable working height for improved ergonomics
  • Pause function keeps ironer warm for maximum productivity
  • Flex control foot switch gives operator full control
  • In-feed monitoring feature to avoid uneven wearing on the roller
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