Suppliers of Commercial Laundry & Catering Equipment.


Miele 10-13kg PT 8257 Dryer

Miele Professional’s team has the goal of making your laundry routine as easy as possible. Providing simple multi-purpose solutions for your business, by developing innovative and practice-oriented machines. Like that…

Miele 13-16kg PT 8337 Dryer

The PT8337 is a vented dryer with a drum volume of 325 litres. The dryer has an air recycling plus system where up to 60% of the warmed air is…

Miele 24kg Washer PW 6241

Mieles PW6241 24kg is one of their larges drum capacity washers. Designed for intensive use in hospitals, commercial launderettes, and the catering industry. This high spin…

Miele 16-20kg PT 8407 Dryer

Miele 16-20kg PT 8407 Dryer with Profitronic M Controls available in Gas, Steam or Electric heating options.

Miele 20-25kg PT 8503 Dryer

Miele 20-25kg PT 8503 Dryer with Profitronic B Plus Controls Electric or Gas Heating options available.

Miele 32kg Washer PW 6321

The Miele PW 6321 32 Kg Washer-Extractor is equipped with Miele power plus which aids the machine’s performance by offering a more powerful element in the…

Miele 32-40kg PT8807 Tumble Dryer

Profitronic M Controls, Gas, Electric or Steam options.