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Food Waste Disposers.

We have a new collection of food waste disposal units on our site, from world leader in commercial catering equipment Lincat. Our range includes under sink mounted, table mount and free standing options to suit your requirements, from the smallest establishment to large catering operations of many hundreds of covers per sitting.

Food waste disposal units have been around since 1927 and have seen huge adoption in the USA, in recent years their benefits in the UK have been realised and adoption rates have grown here also. Food waste disposers allow you to quickly and simply remove waste as it is produced, this enables the best practice in hygiene to be achieved thus creating a cleaner and safer working environment. Disposal units can be used for the removal of preparation waste and table scraps. This convenient method is quick and simple to use, and avoids the build up of waste and it’s associated bad odours whilst minimising the risk of cross contamination with fresh or cooked food.

As the composition of disposed food waste is 70% water it can be easily dealt with by the standard water purification process and the solids used to create bio-organic fertilisers. Furthermore this method of disposal cuts the amount of waste being sent to landfill where it takes considerably longer to breakdown and potentially saves you money on the costs of waste collection.

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