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Insect Control for your Business.

Summer is here and while it’s warmth is appreciated it also brings not so welcome flying insects. These insects are an annoyance to your staff and customers and also represent a hazard to health when they visit a commercial catering kitchen. If you serve food to the public then you need to implement an insect control system as part of your overall food hygiene, more information can be found from the Food Standards Agency.

We sell a range of insect control equipment to deal with these unwelcome visitors cleanly and efficiently.

Insect control does not have to be limited to your food preparation areas only though, what about your dining and reception areas? We stock a selection of “discreet style” products that are ideal for use in public areas where they can remove the annoyance of flies and create a more pleasant environment for your customers to enjoy.

Our selection of products are all from quality manufactures including Lincat, Insect-o-cuter, Exocutor, Euroap and Puszap, so you can be sure of great results, and with a selection of sizes and wall, ceiling and desk mount options we can supply the perfect solution for your business.

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