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What goes into a Commercial Laundry?

Well of course, the answer is commercial industrial class washing machines, dryers, irons maybe even a dosing system.

So you set about selecting suitable equipment to meet your laundry requirements, in itself a challenging task. What will you be washing? Clothing, bedding, horse blankets, mops even? How much and how often will you be washing? The answers to these and many other questions combined with suitable expertise can lead you to a good selection of machinery to suit your needs. However choosing the correct laundry equipment is only the first step in creating a successful laundry. For your commercial laundry to be a true success other factors need to be considered throughout the process, from the initial design to installation and a continuing maintenance service. When you hire a professional company like Millers UK for this task you can draw upon the wealth of expertise and experience in a myriad of disciplines including facilities management, construction, mechanical and electrical engineering, plant layout, chemistry, textiles, safety, and even interior design.

So next time you embark on a commercial laundry project make use of Millers UK as we will not only make sure that your laundry complies with the latest regulations, through the use of staff trained to the high standards required for schemes such as Gas Safe Register, but we will also ensure that the end result is a gleaming success.

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