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Manufacturer Spotlight: Primus.

Founded in 1911 Primus began producing washing and dishwashing machines for domestic households. The first Primus washing machines featured a wooden barrel like drum, 1930 saw the introduction of a washing machine with a metal drum. In the 1970’s the company began to move away from the domestic market and concentrate on their commercial laundry solutions. They are now part of Alliance Laundry Systems (ALS) and operate from a headquarters in Belgium. Their product range includes free standing washer extractors, medical hygienic barrier washers, tumble dryers and ironers all available in a range of load capacities to suit your industry and environment. Primus laundry products are used in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, nursing care homes, sports clubs, and are ubiquitos in coin operated laundrettes across the globe. You can see our range of Primus products in our Laundry Section.

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