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Miele Repairs & Miele Service Engineers for North West UK

At Millers UK we understand how disruptive it can be to your business when your Miele machines go down. To get your business back up and running as quick as possible, it’s important to find a trusted local Miele repairs company.

Are You Looking For Miele Repairs Near Me Online?

Miele Repairs Near Me

Need a Miele service technician in your area of the North West UK? Welcome to Millers UK. You’re trusted Miele repair partner. While Miele products are designed to last, in some cases your Miele appliance may develop irregularities. This is normal with intensive operation or performance. Often these can be quickly and easily resolved by a Miele trained technician.

Miele Service Engineers - Millers UK Ltd.

Commercial Laundry Repair UK

Millers UK Ltd has been in the laundry and catering repair business for over 27 years. In 2008 Millers UK partnered up with Miele, and within those ten years, the company has gone from strength to strength.

By combining the best Miele products with the best Miele repair service provided by our team at Millers UK, the customer gets the best of everything under one umbrella.

If you do require Miele repairs on washing machines, dryers and appliances speak to our on-hand service team. We are always on hand to deliver the best possible service when your Miele machines breakdown.

Reasons To Call Millers UK For Miele Repairs

Miele Service Engineers UK

Miele Trained Service Engineers

We Have Repaired Miele Machines Across The UK.

We Have Been In Partnership Miele For Over ten years.

Our Company Have Serviced The North West UK For Over 27 Years.

Always Equipped To Help Repair Your Appliance.

Competitive On Miele Service Repairs.

Gas Safe, Napit, Construction Line, Chas and D.A.S.A registered UK company.


What Are The Benefits Of Using A Miele Approved Service Provider?

Washer Dryer Engineers North West UK

1. Our Miele Engineers at Millers UK have received direct training from Miele. Each year all of our engineers undertake continued training from Miele to comply with Miele standards and upgrades with Miele technology.

2. We provide our engineers with the best MDU software diagnostic tools which provide quick and accurate data to assess where your Miele machine needs servicing.

3. We strive to provide the level of quality that Miele demands including first-time fix rates and have access to spare parts available.

4. We are proud to be part of Miele’s 97% of all service calls which are repaired on the first visit to the site.

5. Millers UK is confident in offering the best price as partnered directly by Miele as our primary manufacturer.


What Type Of Miele Appliances Do You Repair?

We Repair Miele Washing Machines

We Repair Miele Commerical Washing Machines

We Can Repair Industrial Miele Tumble Dryers

We Repair Miele Dishwashers

We Repair Miele Irons

miele professional repairs

If you have a Miele service question, speak to our service team at Millers UK. Our service team work in tandem with our engineers. All of our service agents have detailed knowledge of Miele appliances. Because of their extensive experience of previous service calls, our agents can give you quick and helpful advice on how to get your business back up and to run. It’s best to inform our service agents any details that you feel might hinder the progress of the repair.

Details Like

If you are using a domestic Miele appliance in commercial property

If you think that our Engineers will need extra assistance with heavy lifting

If you are located in a very remote area of the North West UK

What Area’s Do You Cover Miele Repairs and Service?

> We cover all the North West of the UK.

Our Millers UK head office is based in Accrington, Lancashire. Our office is ideally situated in the heart of Lancashire. Giving our engineers easy access to major UK road networks.

Millers UK caters to all the surrounding areas of Accrington like that of Preston, Burnley and Blackburn.

But our Miele service areas also extends to Lancashire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester Area, Liverpool, Merseyside, Lancaster, Lakes District and Blackpool.

Miele Service Engineers Lancashire North West UK

What Are Your Miele Service Costs & Miele Repair Costs?

Because Miele has some different models of dryers, irons washing machines and dishwashers, because of this all of our Miele repairs is given specific quotes by our service team.

The nature of the service will change from job to job depending on the age of the Miele machine, the type of machine {dryers, irons washing machines and dishwashers}.

Only account customers can invoice their Miele service and repairs. Non-account customers must pay for a call out charge first so that the engineer can diagnose the issues with your appliance. This call out charge covers for one hour of the engineers time. If additional time is needed to fix your Miele machine or dryer, other labour charges will apply.

If you would to like to apply for a Millers UK service account, please contact our account department here.

Our Miele service engineers will assess your machine. Most of the time our engineers can fix the machine on site. On certain specific occasions, depending on the wear and tear of your machine our engineers will have to order replacement parts from the Miele’s manufacturing plant.

Our service team will continue to chase parts and reschedule an additional engineer appointment to complete the repairs. Payment for parts is separate from the call out charge. All Miele parts that are ordered by our service team will need payment in advance.

On a rare occasion, your Miele machine may need repair from our workshop in Accrington. We will do our level best to provide you with a replacement machine so that your company can continue to operate.

Do You Have Any Testimonials Or Case Studies?

Richard Peck House upgrades laundry with Miele Professional machines 2018

Miele Repair and Installation Richard Peck House Lytham St Anne’s

He said: “Miele Professional is the stand out the brand in the market for quality and reliability. That’s so important for a home such as ours – being able to control infection and have machines that won’t let us down were considerations at the top of our list.” To find the perfect Miele Professional machines for his needs, Tony sought the advice of his local dealer, MillersUK. In his words, the Millers team was a “breath of fresh air”. He continued:

“Millers were professional and courteous throughout our dealings with them. It was a thorough, informed and collaborative process that ensured we got the best solution.” “Storage is a big issue for us, as Richard Peck House is an old building, so we needed equipment that would make the best use of the available space. It was also essential that the machines worked as efficiently as possible, as all of our core staff are multiskilled and need to spend as much time as possible caring for the residents and guests, rather than processing laundry.”

“The machines we chose - one large PT 7186 dryer and a Little Giant PW 6065 - are great for saving space and make every inch count. Not only that but because the machines offer sluice control and have fast cycle times, our staff have complete peace of mind and know that they can get on with their other duties.” When asked whether they would recommend Miele Professional and Millers to other businesses, Tony commented: “Definitely! The service from Millers matched the quality of the products and I wouldn’t look anywhere else for laundry equipment or installation in the future.”

> Miele prescribes a new laundry facility for Select Medical 2018

Miele Repair Cost

“Miele prescribes a new laundry facility for Select Medical manufactures products for the health and care sectors. Select Medical worked closely with Millers UK, an approved partner of the Professional division of Miele, to discuss their requirements and to install the new machines and waste pipes. Millers UK installed Miele’s PW 6241 [EL MF], a front-loading washer-extractor with a low level of energy and water consumption”.

“This has a drum volume of 240l and a load capacity 24kg. It provides a bespoke sluice wash, which carries out a prewash cycle that removes solid particles from heavily soiled items before adding detergent. This allows the contaminated water to pass out of the machine before the main wash begins, ensuring that heavily soiled items are thoroughly disinfected. A Miele PT 8407 [PTM D ARP] tumble dryer was also installed.

This has a drum volume of 400l and a load capacity of 16-20kg, and also features a honeycomb drum, which helps maintain the quality of items being washed. It also features Miele’s patented Air Recycling Plus, which puts hot air back in the dryer so that it doesn’t have to use energy to reheat continually. “

“Millers also set up a bespoke drying cycle, which reduced the drying temperature from 74°C to 55°C. This was to ensure that items being dried don’t shrink. Select Medical’s new machines provide a bespoke sluice wash programme; especially important for soiled items which can be disinfected to the required standard.”

> 5 Star Google Review from Angela Corrigan

“Very efficient, reliable and friendly service. They installed my new machine, removed my old machine and took it away, all of this was done within 24 hours of me contacting them. Would highly recommend this company.”

> 5 Start Google Review from Cathrine Whitefoot

“Amazing and professional service! A complicated and messy task that was sorted in no time. Fast and efficient. I can’t thank Millers enough for their superb service, attention to aftercare advice. Very helpful and friendly.Good to see a service provider that knows their stuff and can deliver a solid service. Millers came highly recommended, and I would definitely recommend and use again.”

> Progress Care

“Millers UK Ltd have been working as a contractor for Progress Care Housing Association for over five years. During that period, we have built up an excellent working relationship.

We provide Supported Housing to tenants with Learning Difficulties and Millers UK Ltd are very considerate to the needs of our tenants. The engineers that visit our houses are always polite, friendly and respectful. The staff that support our tenants in their homes have also given positive feedback regarding the reliable and quick service they receive.

Millers are quick to respond when they receive a job from ourselves and always do everything possible to get appliances up and to run as soon as possible. We are consulted quickly if there is likely to be any delay and they are always happy to contact houses direct to keep them informed. We are delighted with the service we receive.”


> Millers UK Certified UK Miele Professional Repairs Partner

Miele Service

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