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What Are Commercial Washing Machines?


Commercial washing machines are designed for industrial use. Here at Millers UK, we sell, service install and supply Miele commercial washing machines.

These appliances are designed to meet the needs of commercial industries. This includes hotels, facility management companies, care homes, veterinary practices and the catering industry.

All of these companies will use their machines throughout the day. Miele ensures that their professional washing machines are built with the best parts. Providing that the machine has a robust interior too withstand washing all types of laundry requirements.

What Brands Makes Commercial Washing Machines?

Miele Washing Machines

Miele is a German company which manufactures both domestic and commercial washing machines. The local machines are under the Miele home range while the commercial machines are under the Miele Professional Range.

Here at Millers UK we only supply and install the best products for our customers. We partnered up with Miele over ten years ago. Within those ten years, our partnership has gone from strength to strength.

Miele has a history of a hundred years. This is a brand you can rely on and trust. With innovation and technology at the forefront of their business, Miele is the only manufacturer that performs tests on their commercial washing machines the equivalent of 20 years of use.

Miele’s slogan is “Immer Besser”. Which means “Forever Better”. Here the customer gets the best product from one of the worlds leading washing manufacturers with Miele, and the best service from Millers UK. So effectively the customer is getting the best of both worlds.

How Big Are Commercial Washing Machines?

Here is a selection of individual machines and their capacity, size and shape.

Little Giant 6.5kg Industrial Washing Machine

  • Capacity 6.5KG
  • Dimensions: 850×595 x 700: mm

Miele 24 Kg Horse Rug Washing Machine PW 6241

  • Load capacity: 24 kg
  • Drum volume: 240 L
  • Dimensions: H/W/D [mm] 164 x 108,5 x 126,5 cm

Examples Of Miele Professional Washing Machines

Miele Little Giants

Commercial Laundry Equipment - Miele Little Giants

Miele has designed commercial washing machines for specific industries.

The Miele Little Giants are the perfect solution for the majority of SME’s. The adaptive programs and cycles give the user multiple laundry care options.

Most companies are watching their energy costs and their effects on the environment. The technology that built into the Miele Little Giants is unmatched both with efficient laundry care and economically environmentally friendly.

Miele’s patented honeycomb drum protects your laundry from damage. This specific piece of ingenuity also helps the lifespan by protecting the machine from wear and tear.

The 6.5kg Little Giant Commercial Washer can hold store ten bath towels or 4 spa robes. Most companies want more efficiency and speed with their laundry care. The short cycle programs of the Little Giants gives the customer the ability to schedule their laundry care.

German engineered with high-performance heater elements, intelligent water intake controls and short cycle times, and the Little Giants are the ultimate solution for high throughput laundry demands.

Key Features

  • Load capacity up to 6.5 kg
  • Drum Volume: 59 litres
  • Simple Profi Line B Plus controls with choice of standard programmes
  • Drain pump
  • Connection for up to 4 dispenser pumps
  • Special high-performance heater elements
  • High spin speeds with imbalance monitoring
  • Auto Clean detergent dispenser
  • 21 languages
  • An optical interface for updates
  • Payment system interface
  • Miele 24kg Washer PW 6241

Miele Horse Rug Washing Machines

Horse Rug Washing Machine

Mieles Horse Rug Washing Machine PW6241 24kg

This one of their larges drum capacity washers. Designed for intensive use in hospitals, commercial launderettes, and the catering industry. This high spin industrial washer is adapted for multiple purposes.

Miele’s has high regard for the profitronic range of commercial washing machines which are known in the industry to be very durable and robust.

Profitronic controls provide the user with intelligent features which allow the user to program the machine to his or her needs. The washer is designed to be economical, both for intensive use and of peak low capacity use.

Miele has always put solving problems for customers. Miele spotted a gap in the market for equestrian laundry care. Stable owners needed a machine that was durable for heavily soiled garments, that had a large drum capacity, and that was efficient.

It’s Miele’s goal to provide outstanding solutions for different types of materials and industries. Miele is one of the worlds leading brands with innovation in laundry care.

Commercial washing machine for horse rugs

Miele has Developed commercial washing machines like that of PW6241 24kg, providing practical, efficient solutions for the laundry care of saddle cloths and horse blankets.

The equestrian business is a vast industry. It’s an image-conscious industry. Where the attire of the company and the horse are apart, the companies brand identity. Horses will undergo daily training around the stable grounds.

It’s important the right type of laundry is carried out on muddy saddle cloths and horse blankets. These blankets can garner a bad odour from the horse’s sweat. The sweat combines with the dirt and dust to form incrustations that block the ventilation pores in the fabric if it is not cleaned regularly.

Hygiene and infection prevention is essential to the welfare of the horse. This makes it is vital that you have a horse rug washing that can provide regular care and cleaning.

Domestic machines won’t cut it for equestrian laundry care. The machines are designed to that intensive use. Most domestic machines don’t have the capacity for the level of laundry care a stable would require.

An on-site laundry at the equestrian centre has some specific advantages: Short processing times, blanket cleaning within the framework of daily work, reduced the need for blankets and less odour pollution.

Common Features In Miele Professional Washing Machines

  • Customizable Programs
  • Large Capacity
  • Disinfection Programs
  • High spin speed
  • Bearings are designed for 25,000 cycle hours
  • Stackable Dryer Options
  • 24-hour delay start

Miele Mop Washer PW5064

Link -> Miele PW 5064 mop washer

Taking inspiration from the durability and intensive use of the Little Giant Series and providing the customer with problem-solving solutions with the Mop washer PW5064.

The highly efficient Miele PW 5064 mop washer has been designed explicitly for contract cleaners. Again Miele finds a gap in the market for a machine that provides a specific solution for industrial cleaners and facility management companies.

Contract cleaning in hospitals and nursing homes is a tricky business. Wherever people live and work together, the constant cleaning of floors and other surfaces requires a great deal of expertise and an economic approach.

contract cleaners

The majority of these companies need a machine that is reliable but is robust enough to provide extensive cleaning of cloths, mop heads and industrial clothes and uniforms.

Miele PW 5064 Mopstar 60 Washer

The patented honeycomb design of the drum ensures that the machine washes your material effectively. This specific design creates a thin film of water between the washer and the laundry. This helps to protect both your washing and your machine.

Key Features

- 6.5 kg load capacity - Approx. 34 mop heads or 100 cleaning cloths

  • Heater rating up to 5.3 kW (depending on version)
  • Short programme durations
  • Dump valve
  • Particular drum construction for mop head cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • Special mop programme for cotton and microfibre mop heads
  • Programmable functions

Miele Commercial Barrier Washing Machine {Miele PW 6323}

Miele’s new hygienic barrier washing machine is specifically designed for companies in which infection and cross-contamination is an issue. The standard facilities which use industrial washing machines like the Miele PW 6323 are that of hospitals, veterinary practices.

Commercial Washing Machines

Companies like these have strict contamination procedures which must be adhered too. Conventional washing machines won’t work in this type of industry as both the person carrying out the laundry and the laundry can pose a risk of spreading infection.

Barrier washing machines operate where there is a dividing wall where you can place dirty laundry into the machine and remove the clean laundry on the opposite side.

Miele has put intelligent features into the design of the Miele PW 6323 barrier washing machine to allow the user to perform the cleaning process as safe as possible.

Features Of The Miele PW 6323 Barrier Washing Machine

  • Freely programmable
  • Max. delay start in h
  • Freely selectable
  • Time left display
  • Programme sequence indicator
  • Selectable display languages

What’s The Difference Between Domestic and Commercial Washing Machines?

Domestic washing machines are meant for home use only. These machines aren’t designed for intensive daily use. The parts of a domestic washing machine are much cheaper. These cheaper parts are made of plastic or lower quality metals.

When a domestic washer is used intensively in a commercial environment, the machine becomes vulnerable and will need constant repair.

One of the most common issues we have seen with laundry equipment repairs is that most companies are trying to save money by purchasing a cheap domestic washing machine.

This leaves their company exposed to break down’s at the wrong possible time. While most households can wait for repairs, small hotels, hostels and small veterinary practices don’t have the luxury of time.

How Much Do Commercial Washing Machines Cost?

This all depends on what type of machine you need for your business. As provided in some of the examples above, you can see that there are specific use cases for different machines.

It’s essential that you identify the needs of your company. This will prevent you from obtaining a machine that won’t meet your requirement or overpaying for a washing machine that you don’t need.

To receive a price for a commercial washing machine, please call our sales team. Our sales team at Millers UK deal with customer enquiries on a daily basis. Our team has extensive knowledge of Miele products.

Where Can I Buy A Commercial Washing Machines In The UK

At Millers UK we have supplied and installed Miele commercial washing machines throughout the North West UK. Millers UK is an official partner of Miele, and we are certified to sell and install Miele professional products.

Millers UK - UK Commercial Washing Machine Suppliers

We don’t sell Miele washing machines directly on the website. This is because Miele only issues a warranty for the machine if a Miele professional partner installs it.

All of our offers work on a quotation system based on installation costs and site survey. To get a better understanding of how our quotation procedure works it’s best to speak to our sales team.

As our sales team deals with customer quotations on a regular basis, they will guide you through how you can order a Miele Commerical Washing Machine for your business.

What Areas Of The UK Do Millers UK Cover?

Get expert advice at Millers UK. One of the UK’s leading laundry equipment suppliers for the North West UK. This includes all of Lancashire, Manchester, Cumbria and Liverpool.

Millers UK has been in business for over 27 years.

All of our engineers are Miele trained. Our team has performed local washing machine repairs across the UK.

We have supplied, serviced and installed commercial laundry and catering equipment all over the North West UK. Call us today for a Quote: 01254 395552

Commercial Laundry Equipment Lancashire UK

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