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Miele HM 16-80 Rotary Ironer

The tidy and compact footprint of the Miele HM 16 - 80 EL Rotary Iron is perfect for ironing a considerable amount of laundry with ease. It is electrically heated with a steam function for optimum results and maximum convenience. These machines are robust, easy to operate. The steam function helps prevent creases giving you quick and uniform ironing results every time.  


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Highlighted Features Of The HM 16 - 80

1. Get amazing benefits of a Miele Rotary Iron for your business or home. The Miele Professional HM 16-80 is suited to both small companies and for domestic use. Companies like hostels, B&B’s and guest houses can benefit from the productivity that the Professional HM 16-80 rotary iron can provide.

2. Miele has equipped the Rotary Iron with a full roller which gives the user the ability to iron the majority of linens and fabrics. It’s designed to make lights work of labour intensive ironing like that of tablecloths, pillowcases and bed linen.

3. One of the significant benefits of the HM 16-80 rotary iron is the wheels which make it portable to move to your chosen destination. Built with storage in mind the rotary iron can fold up for convenient storage in the smallest of spaces.

4. The Miele Professional HM 16-80 rotary ironer can get through a substantial number of laundry while providing the user with a professional finish every single time. Miele’s larger roller offers the user with the ability to iron shirts and clothes to bed linens and tablecloths.

5. The ironer has a simple and easy to use interface where a more advanced user can increase the speed. Operating with heated steam which presses the laundry to be crease free, the user can control this steam using the foot peddle which is located underneath the main body of the machine. Here the operator can remain in a comfortable seated position.

Rotary Iron Miele

Rotary Iron

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Finished work is automatically fed through onto the laundry table below the roller in soft folds to ensure that it remains crease free enough free space for your legs to iron more comfortable clearly arranged control panel.

Rotary iron is fitted with an automatic protection switch, which prevents damage to articles just being ironed in the case of an electricity failure.

one freely adjustable temperature selector work on 3 heating zones aluminium ironing shoe heats up quicker than other materials. 3 heating zones ensure quick and uniform heat distribution. speed control to adjust the right working speed via the control panel.

The temperature range is marked by dots and fabric controls on the ring around the temperature selector. These correspond with the international fabric care symbols for ironing. One dot is for the minimum temperature setting which is perfect for synthetics; two dots for mid-range temperature, ideal for woollens and silks; and, three dots for the highest setting… perfect for linens and cotton.


For light duty applications requiring a high standard of finish, Miele’s HM 16 – 80 is the ideal machine. It makes light work of all flatwork from table cloths and napkins to pillowcases and sheets.

Only requiring a 13 A switched socket, the HM 16 – 80 is easy to install in a wide range of establishments including guesthouses, small hotels, rest homes, pubs and restaurants.

The HM 16 – 80 is the first choice for laundry operations where space is of prime consideration. As laundry is fed in and returned to the front of the ironer, it is suitable for installation against a wall where it can be operated by one person.

Though compact in size, it is capable of processing a large number of items per hour to a high standard. The HM 16 – 80 also has a steam ironing facility.

A water storage reservoir can be heat-activated via a selector switch on the front panel to generate steam which assists in the ironing process.

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